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November 15 2022

How Hard Is It to Hire a Recruiter

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The task of recruiting becomes much more difficult when you need to hire a recruiter. You might wonder why?

It’s because THIS is the person or people who will be responsible for creating your dream team. And we all know that only the right people drive the success of a company and can take your company to heights.

So finding a great recruiter becomes a very important mission, if not a paramount one.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)states that there are not enough recruiters in today's busy labor market. ZipRecruiter agrees: “The average number of monthly U.S. job postings for recruiters fell at the start of the pandemic but has more than doubled since February 2020 to nearly 148,000 in September.”

So, it’s not surprising that recruiters are busier than ever – and in demand as candidates.

Even recruiting and staffing firms admit that it became a lot harder to fill their own recruiting positions, so some of them stopped taking requests from clients. And this is happening in an environment where a less-experienced recruiter can get a salary in the low six figures.

So….what should you look for when determining whether an agency has the right expertise, tools, and resources to help you?

Follow our tips and check the boxes:

✅ Expertise: You are unlikely to find the right candidate for a job if a professional recruiter does not fully understand your business or the nuances of the labor market. Recruiters should offer in-depth knowledge of your industry and local market, as well as an informed look at the recruiting environment. They should also be aware of passive job seekers who will consider changing positions to work for you. This is important because highly qualified candidates are always weighing their options even in an unstable economy.

✅ Volume: The best recruiters at staffing agencies have created a rich stream of job seekers through their networking efforts, as well as placing professionals in the workplace and keeping in touch with them thereafter. A good staffing firm maintains a deep and vast network of trusted professionals with in-demand skills and relevant experience.

✅ Clients and reviews: Ask to see a list of companies the staffing agency has worked with and take the time to read customer reviews. The ideal recruiting service should have had a successful experience working with companies similar in size and type to yours.

✅ Dedication: Does the professional recruiter who will be in charge of your hiring process strive to find the perfect match for you? The answer is yes if they are willing to take the time to get to know you and your company's unique needs.

If you have all 4 boxes checked, it means you have the full potential of finding your perfect match.

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